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Eastway Property Services understand that finding your next home can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Not only do you have to find the right property for you and/or your family but also knowing what documentation you need to provide can vary from agent to agent.

This brief guide will outline the documentation Eastway Property Services would require from you so that you can be assured that the property you’re interested in, becomes your next home. Our professional members of staff are here to provide you with expert all-round advice and most importantly help to put your mind at ease.

Photographic Identification
Original valid passport (Visa dependent on circumstances) or driving licence. We will take a photocopy of this in our office.

Employment Reference
Original document on headed paper stating you are in full/part time employment, annual salary, your position within the company and your term of employment. You can provide us with this or we can request this from your employer.

If you are self employed we will require a reference from your accountant confirming your financial position and whether you are able to afford the rental amount for the property you are interested in. We would need details of your accountant so that we can apply for this reference.

Bank Statements
Your last three months bank statements.

Pay Slips
Your last three months pay slips.

Previous Landlord/Agent
Confirmation that you have rented a property for a minimum period of six months and the tenancy was conducted in a satisfactory manner. This reference is applied for where applicable.

If a guarantor is required, the guarantor will need to provide the above information. In the case of the guarantor being a home owner or retired some of the above information will not be required. lf you have any queries about having a guarantor you can speak to one of our professionals.