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Dr A Yadav
“Eastway Property Services came highly recommended a few months ago. They now manage 5 of my properties in East London and 2 in South West London. I would highly recommend them further as they have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in property management”

Felicia Stefania
“I was looking for a nice place to live in the East London area and Eastway Property Services helped me and my young family find the perfect place in Wanstead. It was very close to my work and the Landlord was brilliant. The property came fully furnished and the guys in EPS are always available to help if I have any questions.”

Paul Singh
“I recently invested in a property in Fulham and Eastway Property Services were able have it occupied within a couple of weeks. Their friendly management team understood the need for finding the right tenants who were looking for a long term tenancy. I’m looking forward to working with them on the next project”

James Leader
“The team at Eastway found us the right property at the right price, and have continued with the same level of quality service for the past 2 years Approachable, Trustworthy, Modern company”

Altaf H Bhurawala
“I thought I drop you a quick note concerning the letting of our Company properties. I have found your assistance invaluable in finding not only good Tenants but your service even after the letting has taken place is second to none. Your liaison abilities between the Tenants and ourselves has saved us not only money but a lot of time which also limits the amount of Tenant turnover. This way a number of the Tenants become long term Tenants providing continuity and a very limited void periods. Undoubtedly, this is of benefit to us as well as to yourselves but it is only possible because your vetting of any prospective Tenant has always been excellent despite at times our concerns that some properties might take longer to let. Fortunately, your judgement has always been correct and where we have taken short term pain, the long term gain has been immense. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and as you know, I already do. I would hope that our relationship continues in the future and no doubt with our portfolio increasing constantly, your association with us is of a paramount importance to us”.

“Wow guys! keep up the good work, I never knew life as a tenant could be so easy!!!!”

Gary Alter
“I have been doing business with Palli and Raj at Eastway Property Services for about 3 and a half years firstly as a tenant and now as a landlord. I have always found them to be very professional in their approach and if anything needs doing, it gets done with a minimum of fuss. I would highly recommend Eastway Property Services”

Bilal Saeed Khan
“Eastway Property Services is my letting agent since 2009. Well, what i experienced is that they are very helpful any problem in the house they fixed it soo quickly.. And i will be with the same letting agent”.

“An absolute delight to do business with your company. Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship”.

Mr Hotchkiss
“Throughout all my years as a Landlord I have never had such a smooth and reliable letting agent. Fantastic service, honest approach and more importantly my properties are always looked after”.